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Just like in motorsport, innovation and technological advancements are keys to success when it comes to performance and getting results.

iAccess develops, engineers, constructs and finances turnkey photovoltaic power plants in Germany since 2004. These guys now run an impressive operation through Germany and Japan with cutting-edge solar farms generating the future of energy.

A very like-minded and equally focused group of people who I am very honored to represent as partners, please give them a warm welcome! Big things ahead ~~

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The Smart Mind Institute works with elite athletes and high performance coaches from all around Australia and the world. We go into elite sporting environments and look at the way athletes and coaches communicate, the way they structure their training, the way they structure their competition preparation. We then create a tailored program for the athletes and coaches to get the best out of them through development of the left and right hemisphere of an athlete, development of cognitive ability and development of emotional management, to perform without anxiety.


Evolution Financial Group is an integrated suite of financial businesses, including trading, investment banking and debt servicing. Our diversified capital markets specialties include: debt and equity finance, debt servicing, private equity and venture capital investments, securities research, and brokerage.  While we have many and diverse business lines, each one integrates into the whole to serve a purpose towards our general mission.


A registered brand in Europe with fashion concepts originated in Italy. They have successfully extended our offerings from clothing to accessories over the years. For market expansion, they will endeavor to develop retail business in Europe and Mainland China. Besides retail counters within department stores and shopping malls in prestigious districts, they have opened a new store in each of Hong Kong and Macau. They also intend to establish self-owned stores in Italy. Centered on multifunction with design and performance, isaratti collection combines with innovative engineering, premium Italian fabrics and exclusive artisan details that are sophisticated. Highly functional; this provides a complete lifestyle wardrobe for the modern executives.


Tokyo's Finest Luxury Vehicles
Elusive Autos takes pride in knowing more about luxury cars than anyone else. With bilingual sales staff that arrange auto loans and trade-ins.
They will respond to any customer special request including rare, vintage and exotic cars. Elusive Autos showroom is ideally located in Meguro, about a 10-minute walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station.

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